Thursday, July 29, 2010

San Diego County Fair

It is a McNeil family tradition for us to go to the San Diego County Fair. Daddy and the other McNeil Boys love to race they short track race that they put on for the people at the fair. The kids are always so excited to watch daddy in his truck racing around the arena.

Brynlee and Brody at McNeils! There is always fun things to play with there. Brody loves anything with Tires!!

Say Cheese.. He didn't want to get up from the GO Cart!!

Daddy Jumping in his truck this year. He flew pretty far this year. I think he beat his dad and brother.

Uncle Mark at age 16, racing for the 1st time in a truck at the fair.

Brayden ready for the racing to start

Brynlee and mommy sitting in the bleechers waiting to watch Daddy

Future Driver!!

Brody watching for Daddy

Brayden, Daddy and Brody took a ride in the huge Fire Truck/ Monster Truck.

Here is the Monster Truck that they rode in

Sunday, July 25, 2010

We Remember the Smile this Little Girl had!

Two Years ago today this Precious Angel Returned to our Father in Heaven. We know that she is happy and is being taken care of. We just want her to know that we love her and miss her. We will always remember the happiness that she brought to all of those she came in contact with.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jen's Shower for Baby Max

Here is the invitation that Tara and I came up with for Jen's Shower.

We were so excited to throw this shower for Jen after having 4 girls.. so I guess you can say we might have gone a little crazy with everything!! But it was so much fun and worth all the work!

Jen and I at the end of the shower. She is truly a friend that I treasure.

The amazing cupcakes that Mindi, Jen's sister in law made.

The Sweet Table... Everyone took home a goodie bag of sweets!!


The Food table.. We were still setting up. Thank you to all that helped with Food!

The Dessert Table
Jen Opening Presents with Brookie's Help

She was showered with so many gifts, Max is one lucky little boy!

Tara, Amy and Kirsty


It was such a success. Jen was able to get her double stroller from the group gift that she needed. I am so grateful to Teri for letting us use her beautiful home. Baby Max should be here tomorrow sometime, so I figured I should get this post up. I am so excited to see Baby Max.
Good Luck Jen..

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fun in the Sun at the beach with Cousins....

My kids love the beach!! If only we lived a little closer to it!! They also love that they have cousins to play with in San Diego. We miss you Sophia, Charlotte, Josh and Jaden!!

Happy Birthday to Our Daddy..

We Celebrated Matt's Birthday at my parents house.. It was so also the day that the Lakers won the championship. Matt is a huge laker fan. SO he got a jersery for his birthday from us. Here is the cake that he loves Fresh strawberries with white cake and cool whip. We hope he had a special day with us. We are so lucky to have a daddy that works hard to support our family. He loves taking the kids out of treats and the kids love it too.

Go Lakers!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Robert's & Katie's Big Day!

June 5th 2010
My Brother Robert was sealed to Katie Ann Melchor in the San Diego Temple.(the temple is under a little construction on the outside, I didn't take pictures) I also was in charge of flowers since my mother in law who made them was out of town. I was a busy girl, since Matt was one of the grooms men too. explains the horrible picture taking..WE are so happy that Katie has joined our family. Here are a few pictures, I was able to capture of the fun day.

The Bride and Groom..Guess what he is looking for..

Brody dancing to the music
The only picture I got of Matt and I.

My mom and brother.. Mother and Son Dance

My niece Abby smiling

Brynlee digging into the candy before dinner was served.

Here are the hundreds of cupcakes that Katie's sister in law made, they were delicious!!
At the top of the cake stand there was a cake.

Fun in AZ heat!!

This year we have taken our kids to the community pool down the street from our house to keep cool. I love spending time with my kids on my time off.
The kids love swimming!!!

Brayden and Daddy relaxing!!

Our Princess.. She loves the water too.

Brody has surprised me this year.. He likes to be on his own in the pool.

Brayden and his Friend Mikey

Brody and Mommy having fun.