Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Memories made with family

The 2nd week in April with headed to California. My cousin Miguel and Roxy where going through the temple for the first time and they were also being sealed to their two children. We are so excited for their family. We were fortunate to share this special day with them. We also enjoyed a day at the beach with family and cousin while we were in town. My Camera now has a battery so I hope to take more pictures on the next couple trips that we have coming up in the next couple of months.

Enjoying the sunshine while we ate our lunch.

The cooks.. Rick and My Dad

Brody loves kicking the soccer ball

Brynlee sharing chips with her little brother.

Mommy and Brody enjoying the cool weather.

Daddy trying to put Brody in the cold water.. but he didn't want down.

My brother Robert and my future sister in law Katie.

Landon loved the Ocean.. I wish Brody would sit in it

Brayden and his cousin Sophie. He loves coming to visit her.

Brynlee loves the slide. We had a great spot at the beach right next to the play area.

Brayden and Sophie and her dad playing at the beach with squirt guns.

Brayden ready to get someone wet.

Brody sure loves Watermelon!!!

Sophie and Charolette and Daddy.

Yummy.. He didn't want to share with anyone.

Brynle chasing Brody around. They sure love each other.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Date Night with Brayden

About a month ago Brayden's school had Bingo Date night with your Mom. Brayden was so excited to bring me to his school for this speical night of fun. I am so glad that he doesn't mind having me come to school with him. We didn't win Bingo but it was a fun evening with a boy that I love!!!

Brayden and Mom

Our Bingo card

Brayden and I love taking pictures with me holding the camera..they usually are missing our faces but this one didn't turn out to bad.. I love my handsome Boy!

Brayden and his side kick Jaden. They are in the same class.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter a little late..

This year my sister Clarissa had us all over for Easter dinner. The kids also had a fun Easter egg hunt. The adult men hid all the eggs for the kids to find. My parents always hide a golden egg with money in it for the lucky kid to find. Brayden found it this year, he was so excited.

The kids eating Easter dinner and Karalee.

Brody enjoying his drink.

Fun on the swing after dinner.

All the kids sure loved this swing!!

Hunting for eggs

Brynlee and Brody looking for eggs (with Dads help)

No one found this one yet....

The adults making sure all of the eggs were found.

Brayden and his golden egg!!!!
Thank You to Clarissa and Mark for the fun time..

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Fling giveaways!!

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