Friday, June 25, 2010

Brynlee's Birthday Celebration

Brynlee turned 3 on May 30th!!
We had family over for dinner and cupcakes. My Sister made homemade cupcakes.
Brynlee loved them because they were Pink!!
We are so blessed to have a girl in our family, she loves make-up, dress up and anything girly.
Love you Bryn!!

Brynlee in her birthday outfit eating dinner.

Love this smile!!!

Cousin Abby eating her cupcake..Love her face

The Beautiful cupcakes that my sister made.

Abby in Brynlee Tutu skirt.

Brody enjoying his cupcake

So I completely forgot to get her a candle... so this is the only one I had. I know ghetto.

Brayden and Andrew enjoying the ice cream

Brynlee opening her presents and she loved that she got clothes. She holds them up to her to see if they look good on her. She is a girl alright!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our Family Trip to Vegas

The week before school was out, Our friends invited a couple families to go on a family trip to Vegas. It was great to getaway. We had a fun time over all it was a little chilly so we only go to go the pool once while we were there. The kids loved it and We enjoyed being together as a family!!

Brayden and Mom before we went out to see the water show at Bellagio.

Matt and I (brayden took this picture for us) not to bad!

Brody and Momma at the water show.

Brynlee and her Daddy at the show

Aunt Kristi and Kyle live in Vegas so we had fun hanging out with them while we were there.

The second day we were there we tried the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandlay Bay.
The kids loved how up close they were to all the animals. As parents not sure if it was worth the money for the adults, but glad we tried it once. Brayden was our photographer aquarium.

Kylie and Tayler
Brayden sure loved exploring with them at the Aquarium

Sharks.. They were pretty cool and so close to you.

Here are fishes that we saw....

Brynlee taking it all in

Brody enjoying snacks

Brayden loving every minute of seeing all the sea life.

One of the most favorite things for the kids to do was to pet the sting rays. It was really neat.

Brynlee and Brayden watching the sting rays swim around

Brynlee trying to touch them

One of the sting rays

Brayden made his own Pizza at one of the restaurants that we tried. He was very proud of it and they also gave him a chef hat to wear as he made it.

The last thing we did was take the kids to circus circus. I didn't get many pictures of this because our battery died on our camera.

But here is a picture of Daddy and Brody with his favorite person Sponge Bob.. Brody loves Sponge Bob thanks to Brayden...

We love the time we spent with each other. It was a fun trip!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Heitje's Graduation

My Youngest Sister Graduated from High School on May 20th 2010. We are so Proud of her and the accomplishments she achieved in high school. We were so happy to share this special day with her.
Me and My Sis

Here are all of the Carranza Siblings
Hyrum, Anthony,Me, Heitje, Clarissa, Robert and Jeff
I am so glad that we are such a close family. We do all we can to support and love each other no matter what. I am grateful for the time I have to spend with each one of them.

Landon is 1

My Nephew Landon turned one on the May 18th!!
We had a family dinner at my sisters and here is Landon and his cake that his mommy made for him. Kids grow up so fast. We love you Landon Boy.

Reuniting with old Friends

The Second weekend in May, I was lucky enough to head to San Diego to catch up with some old friends. I am so thankful to a husband that treated me to this trip. I have known these girls since I was 15 yrs old. I haven't seen them in over 9 years. The girls were throwing a shower for our Friend Brit and I couldn't miss the chance to see all of the girls. We all live in different places so it was nice to be all in the same place at the same time. The shower was beautiful. We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping, eating and chatting about old times.
Love you girls we need to do it again.
Brit and Me at her shower

Here is a picture of us girls and our leaders that got us to where we are now.

My favorite friends..Kendyll, Brit, Lauren, Emily and Me

Thanks to Emily this is what the view from our hotel looked like....

Kendyll, Avery, Me and Emily outside of our room before we said our goodbyes.
It was such a enjoyable trip. I am so glad that we all could get together and spend this weekend together.