Friday, July 16, 2010

Robert's & Katie's Big Day!

June 5th 2010
My Brother Robert was sealed to Katie Ann Melchor in the San Diego Temple.(the temple is under a little construction on the outside, I didn't take pictures) I also was in charge of flowers since my mother in law who made them was out of town. I was a busy girl, since Matt was one of the grooms men too. explains the horrible picture taking..WE are so happy that Katie has joined our family. Here are a few pictures, I was able to capture of the fun day.

The Bride and Groom..Guess what he is looking for..

Brody dancing to the music
The only picture I got of Matt and I.

My mom and brother.. Mother and Son Dance

My niece Abby smiling

Brynlee digging into the candy before dinner was served.

Here are the hundreds of cupcakes that Katie's sister in law made, they were delicious!!
At the top of the cake stand there was a cake.


Kendyll said...

Geez, you were a busy girl! Looks like a nice wedding though. Planning any trips to San Diego again soon? For a while there you were going almost every weekend! Thanks for commenting on our family pictures... they're not too shabby for trying to organize 3 rascally kids! Hope you guys are having a fun summer. Miss you.

Sarah S. said...

Summer weddings are so much fun. Weddings in general are so much fun. I love your black dress that you are wearing. Where did you get it? I have to have a black dress for my brothers wedding next month.