Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baseball Season has began!!

We are so lucky to have a great neighborhood, A guy in our stake decided to start a sports program for kids. He has kids of his own and knows how expensive sports can be. He started a volunteer sports program where all you have to pay for is a hat and shirt to play sports. I loved the idea and some of Brayden's friends were going to play too so it was a must for Brayden. This last Saturday was his first game. I am so surprised on how well he did. He has never played baseball before but has been practicing with the program. His Teams name is the Green Frogs. I am so thankful that Matt Peterson has took time to put this great program together. We are excited for a great season!!!

Brayden before the game

Brayden getting ready to bat..

Brayden at Bat!!

Brayden playing second base

Team Cheer!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A thankful heart....

At the end of Spring Break week we headed to California. Matt's moms skin cancer on her nose had come back. Grandma was going to have surgery to remove it on Friday the 19th. We wanted to show her our love and support by being there. We got in late thursday night, so that we could give her our love before the surgery on Friday morning. We fasted as a family that Grandma McNeil would be able to overcome this trial. Matt gave his mom a blessing that morning of comfort and love. I am so lucky to have a husband that honors his priesthood, so that he can bless the lives of his family. The surgery went better then planned, they didn't have to take too much of grandma's nose this time. She is healing well and is doing great. Here are some picture of the kids and grandma. We are so blessed to have her here with us.

Grandma and Brynlee

Grandma and Brody

We also spent time with my cousin and their kids while we were in town. We went to a school fair, out to dinner and hung out at there house. I hate it when I forget my camera.(so there is no pictures) We were glad to see them and we enjoyed spending time with them. We also went to the beach while we were in California. The kids loved playing in the sand and collecting sea shells. It was a little chilly so Brody had to wear a sweater, but the other two kids didn't think they needed one.
We had a great trip with family. We are so blessed to have them in our lives. I think at times I take them for granted. I need to be more grateful for the family member that we still have here on the earth. I never know when heavenly father will take them back to live with him. I want all of my family to know that I love them so much.

Fun at the Beach!

Dad loves playing with the kids in the sand!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Easter Tree

I love making crafts... They don't always come out the way I would like them to but I do enjoy learning..So here is the Easter Tree I made with my sister during spring break when my kids were away at my parents.