Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Girls Night Out!

My sister and I bought tickets for So You Think You Can Dance Tour for My youngest sisters birthday and also for us. Two of my friends wanted to join in the fun so we all got ticket back in August. We had a fun night out in Glendale before the Concert and then loved the amazing dances that were performed that night on the Tour. It was so fun to get out and spend time with my Sisters and Friends. I am thankful to my husband who let's me enjoy an evening out. We tried a famous Italian Restaurant La Piazza Alforno, It was featured on the Food Network. The Pizza was delicious!! I recommend it!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We treasure our cousins....

Cousin Andrew and Bryant came in to town a couple of weeks ago. They stayed at our place and the kids loved that they could have a sleepover every night. My kids loved having Uncle Justin and Aunt Kristi around too. We miss them and wish they would move back.

While Abby's little brother was being born she came and spent the weekend with us. She is three weeks younger then Brody. They had a blast together. She even slept for me and didn't put up a fight. My kids are blessed to have cousins that live close. I remember a lot of my childhood memories are spending time with my cousins and fun adventures we had.

Here is Spencer Allen Carranza.
Born on Nov.13th at 3am
We are so excited to welcome him to our family!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

This year since Halloween fell on a Sunday. We celebrated on Saturday with our Ward Trunk or Treat. My kids played games and loved looking at everyone's costumes. Brody and Brynlee only made it half way through the trunk or treat. They wanted to go back to our car so they could check out what candy they got. We invited some Brayden's friend that lives next door. The kids were exhausted after a fun evening!
Brody (Our race car driver) Brynlee ( our Princess Snow white)
Brayden ( Our skeleton)

Brayden and his Friend Mikey.. Scary boys

They are the best of Friends!!!

Pumpkin Craving time!!

Brayden had a friend to help him.

The kids pumpkins!

Brayden's scary spider pumpkin. He entered it into the pumpkin craving contest at church.
He won the Spooktackular Award!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Schnef Farm Brayden's 1st Field Trip

On Oct.29th we headed to Schnef Farms with Brayden's 1st grade class. I was so excited to chaperone and brayden was excited for me to come with him. There was so many volunteer's this year that each of us parents only got two kids each to watch at the farm. That was so nice. So we had a fun afternoon.

Brayden so excited to be at the farm.

I got to ride the bus with Brayden to the farm.. Here we are on the way to the farm.

Brayden and Spencer
Here is my group. They had a blast together!!

Brayden & Spencer getting ready to ride the roller coaster.

My bumble bee

After a long day at the farm we wait for the rest of the class to get on the bus.

I am so happy that Brayden thinks I am a cool mom that he didn't mind me going with him on his field trip.