Monday, October 26, 2009


Brody is walking around now. One of the kids left a box of pizza on the chair so Brody brought it down to the floor and helped himself to a piece. We all started laughing when we came into the kitchen and this is what we found. He also started laughing when he saw us laughing. We sure love our Brody!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hope for a better Winter

Brynlee has fought many ear infections in her two years of life. She had 12 cases by the age of 15 months. This summer was looking good until a couple of months ago she had two in the matter of a month. My Pediatrian suggested that we visit with a ENT specialist to have tubes put into Brynlee's ears to help have fewer ear infections.

So this morning we were off to the hosptial a little after 6 am. Brynlee was given a blessing last night by Matt and Kaleb (our home teacher) I was a little nervous due to the fact of Brynlee being put under for the surgery. We finally made it there and then the nurse checked us in and asked me a lot of questions. Then she took Brynlee from me and that's when brynlee started crying as she called my name "mommy" as she walked away. I started to tear up watching someone walk away with my little girl and hoping that I would see her again. I am so lucky that it is a short surgery. They came and got me 45 mins later when Brynlee had woken up. She was ready to come back to me as soon as she saw me. I held her tight with her blanket, as she continued to wake up. I hope that Brynlee has a better winter and hopefully with less ear infections. I truly am grateful for the gospel in my life, and am thankful for Priesthood blessings. I know that Heavenly Father was watching over Brynlee as she was away from me. The lord has blessed me with three precious children that I love with all of my heart.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Break Fun!!

Brayden had fall break last week from School. I worked a lot last week, that on Thursday Brayden asked if we were going to do anything fun this week since he was off from school. My heart ached that my child noticed that I wasn't around much this week. I had Friday off due to some appointments, so Brayden played at his Cousin Andrews house. That evening I planned a fun evening after we ate dinner. I didn't tell Brayden where we were headed, he kept asking but I wanted it to be a surprise. We ended up at Extreme Play, it has inflatable jumping things. The kids ran from one to another for 3 hrs. We did make them take a quick icee break. We enjoyed the night with Andrew and Uncle Justin. Thanks to Uncle Justin for taking these great pictures. Brayden thanked us that evening for such a fun night.

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Pamona Off Road Expo/McNeil Family Activity

The Weekend of Oct 9th-10th we headed up to Pamona California for the Off Road Expo. Since Matt's family owns their own business modifing trucks they had a booth there. We drove all night Friday and got there about midnight..McNeil standard time! We had to be to the event by 8:15 in the morning so we got up early ate some breakfast and headed out. Grandma had name badges made for all of us even the kids to show that we were part of the Expo. Brayden thought it was so neat to have his own tag. We found a booth at the expo that was selling little motorcycles for the kids to play with. It was the best 10 bucks we have spent, it kept them entertained the whole day. Andrew, Brynlee and Brayden were the best of buddies, it was so neat to watch them play together. It was nice to talk to my sister in laws that I don't get to see very often. It was fun to get to know them a little better. We all helped out in the booth, by the end of the 1st day I knew more then I have ever known about fiber glass. I want to Thank Grandma and Grandpa McNeil for the wonderful hotel and the food. The kids loved the time that they spent with them. I have a feeling that it was such a success this year with all of us there that it is going to be a yearly family event.

McNeil Family
(left to right)
Perry Joe, Marsha, Mark, Kristi Leigh, Kyle, Justin & Andrew, Kristi, Matt & Brody, Valerie & Brynlee, Brayden, Jen, Perry.

Oh what such cute kids!!
Here are some of the fun trucks that we saw at the Expo.
(two of them are Grandma and Grandpa McNeils)

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Kids keeping busy...

Off Road Expo Cont

Family Bonding...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our Star Student!!

On the week of Sept 28th we received a letter from Patterson Elem., inside was a letter from the Principal and Brayden's teacher Mrs. Morales. The Principal was sending this letter to let us know that Brayden had been chosen as "student of the quarter" for the 1st nine weeks of school. Brayden's teacher had filled out a form stating why she had chosen Brayden for this special award. This is what she wrote "Brayden is alway working hard. He is helpful to others. He puts out his best and never gives up. Brayden is reliable and responsible! It is a joy to have him in my class!" I am so proud to read this as a mother. I have been working a lot more hours these last couple months at work, that I was felt like I haven't been the most patient mother. I attended the award Ceremony on Oct 10th, I hide until Brayden received his award so he would be surprised to see me there. He was surprised to receive his award and to see me there. I got tears in my eyes as he stood up in front of his peers holding his award. I am so grateful for my son that is so helpful to me and to others around him. He is a wonderful example to his younger sister and brother.

We love you so much Brayden!!

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you.

Mommy and Brayden

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