Friday, July 31, 2009

Swimming with Cousins

This week my best friend is gone to Lake Powell, and she let us use her pool this week. I invited my sister and her little boy Landon. We had a lot of fun. Thanks to the Larsen's for letting us use their pool!!

Landon in his floating whale.

Brayden going down the slide...

Brynlee saying "Cheese"

Landon chilling in the pool.

My happy Brody, he loves the water.

Monday, July 27, 2009

In Remembrance Of Kamber!

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We sure miss this sweet little girl. We miss her smiles, hugs, giggles and her cuddling on our lap. We know that she only needed to be here on earth for 2 years, then she was called back by her father in heaven. This Saturday has been a year since she left us. I know that through our heavenly fathers plan we will have the chance to see her again. But all of this still makes me sad and upset at times.
The last time I held Kamber was in the hospital on July 25th 2008. I thank Ethan and Jen for letting me come to the hosptial. I held her in my arms close to my heart. I ran my fingers through her hair and touched her sweet face. The reason I feel extra close to Kamber is; I was pregnant at the same time Jen was when she was Pregnant with Kamber. We were so excited to have babies at the same time. We both had problems with our pregnancies. I unfortunately lost my baby. I adored Kamber as if she was one of my own after losing my baby. Jen was a strength to me at this hard time in my life, as I coped with a miscarriage. She let me be a part of Kamber's life. Kamber was a hard baby so I would come over and give Jen a break by holding her. I loved this special girl. She is truly our angel. We love you Kamber!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Brody's New Adventures..

Now that Brody has been crawling for a month. He has found fun place to get stuck in and to explore. One day last week this is where I found him. After finally learning how to crawl at 9 months, it only took him a week later to learn how to pull himself up and hold on to the couch or chairs. He is now walking a long furniture at 10 months. It doesn't take long for them to get around. He will be walking sooner then I want him too.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

McNeil Fort Fun!

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Last week after baths, Brayden asked his Dad for help to make a fort. So this is what it looked like. They watch a movie inside of it and Brayden slept there that night. He was so excited to have his very own fort. Thanks Dad for helping the kids have a fun evening.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

1st Trip to Library!!

On Saturday, July 18th we headed to the Library. We wanted to get the kids out of the house, and in Arizona it is so hot, so we needed an activity that was indoors. Brayden has been to the library before with friends but never with us. He was excited to get his very own Library card and check out books. Brynlee and I found puzzles that kept us busy while Dad and Brayden found books to take home. We only lasted about 30 minutes at the Library with all three kids. It was a great family outing. It brought back old memories of when I was a young girl, since there was 7 us and 5 of us are all two years apart we had to find something inexpensive to do. My parents took us to the library on Saturdays and we loved it!! Brayden can't wait to go again to check out more books. I am glad that he loved it!!

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Our Fish Friends...

So Bradyen became a new fish owner while we were on vacation in California. His Uncle Kyle helped him win these cute fish at the State Fair. Well everyone joked how long these guys would survive. They actually made it back to Arizona from California, but only lasted to days after that, so they survived 1 wk. Brayden loved to feed his fish and talk to them. He named his pet fish Goldee and Fred. He was sad that they didn't live longer. He wants to buy some more fish soon. We will see if we can find a cheap tank then we may be owners of new fish.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Brody's 9 months Stats..

Brody turned 9 month the week we were in San Diego on vacation. Yes and he is finally crawling!!! He is our late bloomer, Brayden and Brynlee were crawling at 6 months. Brody had no need to move anywhere because his older siblings would bring everything to him. Today we took him to the Dr. for his ck up. He weighs 18lbs & is 28 1/2 inches long and his head is 18 1/2. He is still in the 10% for his weight, 25% for his height and 85% for his head... Boy does he have a big noggin.. We are glad that he is growing healthy and strong. He will be 1 just around the corner and I can't believe that is going to be a year that I had him. Time sure does fly!!

Bath Time Fun!!!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Hot Stuff..

Brynlee got a hold of my sunglasses the other day. She loves putting on sunglasses. I had to take pictures so that I could remember this sweet adorable face forever. Brynlee is our girly girl, she loves purses, shoes,sunglasses, jewelry and make up. She is only two yikes, and likes this stuff already. I am worried and scared to see what the teenage years are like. I love this girl so much no matter how much she loves to get into my stuff..

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My first Tote...

Before we left on our trip I made this scripture tote for my friends daughter that was getting baptized. I was trying to figure out what to give her for this special day, and this is what I came up with. Thanks to some freinds that have made them before, it wasn't to hard. Thanks Jessica for walking me through it. I was so excited with the finished product that I had to take a picture. I am excited to make more!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cont of 4th of July

My Sister Clarissa her husband Mark and Baby Landon

My cousin Mike and his Family

My Cousin Rick and his Family

My Aunt Patty and my cousins Stephanie, Anthony

4th of July Celebration!!!

This year we had a family Reunion get together with my Dad' s side of the Family. While growing up we had family gatherings often. We loved spending time with our Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. Since alot of have been married and live in different states, it is hard to have family function. We spent Sat the 4th at Presidio Park in Old Town San Diego. We enjoyed a yummy carne asada,beans,rice, salads and more. Brayden met cousin that he didn't know he even had. He loved playing and running around with them. I am so glad that we spent this day as a family. After the park we went to my cousin Rick's house to watch the fireworks!! This year we saw fireworks two nights in a roll!!

A big Thank You to my Aunt Norma for getting up early to find us a spot so that we could spend the 4th together.

Fun at the Park!!

My Brother Anthony his wife Karalee and Abby

My Parents, my youngest 4 siblings Heitje, Jeff, Hyrum and Robert

Aunt Norma,Uncle Dale and cousins Ashley and Aubrey

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


On the Friday after the water park, our friend Steffani invited us to a carnival in Steele Canyon. They have this every year, but this was our first time attending. They had food, rides and fireworks. It was so amazing the fireworks were shot off right in front of us. I haven't seen a show like this in Arizona ever before. Matt took a Video of what we enjoyed that night. We are so lucky to live in this country where we enjoy the freedoms that we have!

Day 4 Shopping....

The last part of the week we spent it with The Carranza family. All of my siblings and familys came to San Diego so that we could have a Family Reunion with my aunts,uncles, cousins and their kids. My siblings arrived on Thursday, and that evening we headed to the Las Americas Premium Outlets. We got a bite to eat there and then started shopping there at the 125 stores. So many stores that we didn't even get to see all the stores that evening. So we came back the very next morning to catch the 4th of July sales. We loved shopping together.

After shopping some of us headed to Knotts Soak City Water Park.. Since I don't have a waterproof camera, I couldn't take my camera. Matt and I took Brayden,Hyrum,Heitje and Jeff to the water park while my parents watched Brynlee and Brody at the hotel. Thanks Mom and Dad.. It was Brayden that was so excited to go to a water park. He was such a brave boy. He went down every ride that we went on. We had a little scare when a lifeguard took off his life jacket and sent him down a slide. He doesn't know how to swim so good thing my brother Hyrum went down after him. Hyrum is our hero. It was a blast!!!

Day 3 Day of Rest Kinda

On Wednesday Matt went to install tile in his Brother's Kitchen. Perry was remodeling his Kitchen for his Wife that was gone for 3 weeks in Europe. Matt is such a kind Brother, he worked all day on the floor. The kids and I stopped by that afternoon and took him lunch. I wish I had took my camera so I could have taken pictures. I stayed at the McNeil Home and did laundry and relaxed after two days of being on my feet. I love my husband so much. He is always willing to help his family with anything that he can. He is a talented person. The next morning he went over to grout the floor. We hope that Jen loves her surprise.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day Two of Fun!

San Diego County Fair!!!

Matt races at the fair every year in his explorer. It has been a family tradition the past several years for Matt, his brothers and Dad. Matt enters the "street" class, and this year there were 30 trucks he competed against. I'm proud to say that he placed 3rd and was awarded money for his efforts...yeah Daddy!!! The kids enjoyed the rides & games. Brayden and his uncle Kyle won a goldfish this year. The fish is STILL alive; pictures to come soon of his fish and the new proud owner! After a long day at the fair...the kids were exhausted!!!

Family Trip Day 1

We spent last week in San Diego with Family. We are so lucky that Matt's Parents still live there and let us stay with them when ever we want. One exception we have to bring their grandkids with us.
On Monday the June 29th, we went to Sea World, Grandma McNeil came with us. We are so glad that she spent the day with us.The kids had so much fun with her. We visited the Polars Bears, Penguins, Big Whales and Shamu !! We also enjoyed some of the rides and shows.

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