Thursday, October 30, 2008

Family Night!

For Family Night on Monday we went to pick out some Pumpkins. Here is Brayden the Farmer, Dad the watermelon, Brynlee the Corn.

Brayden and Brynlee looking for there pumpkin.

They had Barrel Rides at the pumpkin patch. The kids loved it!

Dad & Brynlee on the ride, Brynlee wanted to be the one to steer. What a big girl she thinks that she is.

Bryaden our Public Speaker

On Sunday Oct. 26th was our wards Primary Program. Brayden is a sunbeam this year ,so he got his own part. He memorized his part weeks before the program. He was so brave and was not scared to go up to the mircophone and speak. He spoke loud and clear this is what he said "Someday I will go to the Mesa Arizona Temple." We love him so much and our so proud of our little boy that is growing up so fast.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Abigail Our New Little Niece

We are so happy for my brother Anthony & his wife Karalee. on the arrival of there new baby girl! My kids finally have a Cousin on the Carranza side.
Isn't she adorable?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Brody So Cute and Sweet!

Brody is 2wks old this week, and still weighs under 7lbs. He is still so small. I am learning on how to adjust with three kiddos. Brayden has school three days a wk so I have to get all of us loaded in the car. (boy is that a challenge!) Brody has been getting better with sleeping 4-6 hrs at night.I am lucky , he is still so young. Brayden and Brynlee sure love there new little brother. These Picutres were taken by Crystal Caldwell she is starting her photography business. She did a great job! Check her blog out !