Thursday, July 29, 2010

San Diego County Fair

It is a McNeil family tradition for us to go to the San Diego County Fair. Daddy and the other McNeil Boys love to race they short track race that they put on for the people at the fair. The kids are always so excited to watch daddy in his truck racing around the arena.

Brynlee and Brody at McNeils! There is always fun things to play with there. Brody loves anything with Tires!!

Say Cheese.. He didn't want to get up from the GO Cart!!

Daddy Jumping in his truck this year. He flew pretty far this year. I think he beat his dad and brother.

Uncle Mark at age 16, racing for the 1st time in a truck at the fair.

Brayden ready for the racing to start

Brynlee and mommy sitting in the bleechers waiting to watch Daddy

Future Driver!!

Brody watching for Daddy

Brayden, Daddy and Brody took a ride in the huge Fire Truck/ Monster Truck.

Here is the Monster Truck that they rode in


Kendyll said...

I LOVE the fair! I think it is so fun you guys go back every year for it.

O'Neal Family said...

Seriously, that is so cool. I can't believe Mark is old enough to join in the fun. What an awesome tradition.

Mrs.EBG said...

I'm so jealous... I was sad we missed the fair this year!

keepingupwiththewootans said...

Hey Valerie! Havent seen you guys in awhile! I hope all is well. Cute pic of the kids. I love cali! Way better than HELL flats. Candi