Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jen's Shower for Baby Max

Here is the invitation that Tara and I came up with for Jen's Shower.

We were so excited to throw this shower for Jen after having 4 girls.. so I guess you can say we might have gone a little crazy with everything!! But it was so much fun and worth all the work!

Jen and I at the end of the shower. She is truly a friend that I treasure.

The amazing cupcakes that Mindi, Jen's sister in law made.

The Sweet Table... Everyone took home a goodie bag of sweets!!


The Food table.. We were still setting up. Thank you to all that helped with Food!

The Dessert Table
Jen Opening Presents with Brookie's Help

She was showered with so many gifts, Max is one lucky little boy!

Tara, Amy and Kirsty


It was such a success. Jen was able to get her double stroller from the group gift that she needed. I am so grateful to Teri for letting us use her beautiful home. Baby Max should be here tomorrow sometime, so I figured I should get this post up. I am so excited to see Baby Max.
Good Luck Jen..


Karalee and Anthony said...

It was an awesome shower. You always do a great job Val! Isn't it funny how many baby showers you have done?!

O'Neal Family said...

I loved the envite, it was so cute and creative. I also loved the sweets table, yumm.

Loree said...

what a fun party. i am sorry i missed it! you are a great friend valerie! i can't wait to meet max too!

Crissie said...

You did a great job on the shower! I hope they are doing okay today...I'm sure they are having a lot of mixed emotions with the joy of having a new baby and remembering Kamber today.