Monday, November 30, 2009

Being Thankful...

This year I am feeling extremely grateful. I am thankful for our home, jobs, my children, husband, the gospel and many more things. With the economy going down hill and my husband's job decreased a lot in the last 6 months. I have had to step up and work more these last couple months. I am so thankful that my job has let me work more hours to help our family move along these tough times. My husband has learned to step in when I am gone and help with the kids and also do house work. These changes have been hard on my children. I feel sad inside that they have had to learn to adjust to this. I love them so much and want the best for them always. I am extremely thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ, I am not perfect and have many short comings that i try to work on. Through my Savior I can be forgiven for my short comings, I continue to strive to be a better person for my children and those around me. Thank You to all my friends and family for the continues love and support. I know that all of you have helped me become who I am and continue to help me become a better person.

This year we spent Thanksgiving in Las Vegas. Matt's sister Krist wanted to have Thanksgiving at her house this year. So we left on Wednesday after work and headed to Vegas. Kristi made a wonderful dinner. My favorite thing about this Thanksgiving was Brayden made a placemat at school with the correct way to set the table. So he was very excited to take it with us, so that he could set the tables up for dinner. He put his placemat at the table with all of the correct items in place, and then did so for all of us. Brayden was very excited to set the table for the whole family. Kristi graduated from Culinary School a couple of years ago, so everything was delicious. We did many things while we were there we went Black Friday shopping, played at park with kids, boys went shooting, spent time chatting and eating, went bowling. The kids enjoyed their time with Grandma and Grandpa. I wish I would have taken more pictures.

Thanksgiving Day!

Brynlee at the Park

Brody having fun at the park.

Matt getting ready to go shooting...

Bowling with the McNeils!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween with The McNeils

This year we went to Grandma and Grandpa Carranza's for Halloween. We went to a carnival and then Brayden is the only one that went Trick Or Treating. Thanks to Aunt Heitje and Friends Brayden had a blast going trick or treating. Here are the kids in there costumes....

Brynlee "Our Princess Belle"

She had crown but didn't like to wear it.

Brayden "The Ghost Rider"

Dad and Brayden picked his costume out this year.

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Brody "Our little Dinosaur"
Boy did he love candy this year.