Monday, July 27, 2009

In Remembrance Of Kamber!

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We sure miss this sweet little girl. We miss her smiles, hugs, giggles and her cuddling on our lap. We know that she only needed to be here on earth for 2 years, then she was called back by her father in heaven. This Saturday has been a year since she left us. I know that through our heavenly fathers plan we will have the chance to see her again. But all of this still makes me sad and upset at times.
The last time I held Kamber was in the hospital on July 25th 2008. I thank Ethan and Jen for letting me come to the hosptial. I held her in my arms close to my heart. I ran my fingers through her hair and touched her sweet face. The reason I feel extra close to Kamber is; I was pregnant at the same time Jen was when she was Pregnant with Kamber. We were so excited to have babies at the same time. We both had problems with our pregnancies. I unfortunately lost my baby. I adored Kamber as if she was one of my own after losing my baby. Jen was a strength to me at this hard time in my life, as I coped with a miscarriage. She let me be a part of Kamber's life. Kamber was a hard baby so I would come over and give Jen a break by holding her. I loved this special girl. She is truly our angel. We love you Kamber!!!


Dee Dee said...

That's nice that you got to have that special time with her after your loss. I remember Marsha came over to a pool party at our house that night or soon after and was telling about what happened and how it affected her. I'm sure Kamber was a sweet girl to have touched so many lives in her short time on earth.

Carranza's said...

Kamber was such an angel, she was always smiling and was so loving to everyone she met. Heitje had the opportunity also to babysit Kamber when we were down in Mesa. We love you Kamber and can't wait to see you again someday soon.

Jessica said...

I enjoyed reading your memories and tribute to sweet Kamber. Wow, 1 year. It feels like we just heard the news that broke my heart and will affect me forever, as I'm sure it will do the same to many others. Thanks for sharing your special thoughts.