Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day Two of Fun!

San Diego County Fair!!!

Matt races at the fair every year in his explorer. It has been a family tradition the past several years for Matt, his brothers and Dad. Matt enters the "street" class, and this year there were 30 trucks he competed against. I'm proud to say that he placed 3rd and was awarded money for his efforts...yeah Daddy!!! The kids enjoyed the rides & games. Brayden and his uncle Kyle won a goldfish this year. The fish is STILL alive; pictures to come soon of his fish and the new proud owner! After a long day at the fair...the kids were exhausted!!!


O'Neal Family said...

Third place, that is so cool! How proud you must be... I agree, San Diego is an awesome place to visit when you have a free place to stay and a host of willing babysitters:)

Jessica said...

3rd place!! Way to go Matt! That is so awesome. What a fun day at the county fair!

Amy Schad said...

You didn't tell me that Matt did so well in his race...then again, I didn't ask. Sorry. Way to go Matt!!! I'm glad you guys had a fun, relaxing week in Cali!