Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our Student of the Quarter!!

The 1st quarter of school is over. About two weeks ago I received a letter in the mail from Brayden's School. Brayden likes to get the mail so he saw the letter and noticed it said his name on it. He is doing great at reading things now that it is good in some ways and bad in other ways. I opened the letter when he wasn't around and was excited that he had been chosen as Student of the Quarter. This award is given to children that are excelling in there school work and homework. I wanted Brayden to be surprised so I didn't tell him. Matt and I took the morning off to be at the awards ceremony. We are so proud of Brayden. We couldn't ask for a better 1st grader. I wanted to share what his teacher wrote about him. It sure made me feel proud to be his mother.

Here is the letter I received in the mail from Brayden teacher...........

Brayden and Mrs. Hartman

Our star student!! We are so proud of his hard work.

Brayden and his Friend Dawson they got the same award.

He was excited to be right next to him



Sarah S. said...

That is so great. Way to go Brayden!

O'Neal Family said...

That is so sweet, doesnt' it make you feel like you're doing something right as parents? Congratulations Brayden, Matt and Valerie!

Mrs.EBG said...

Way to go Brayden!!! He's such a sweet boy!!

Carranza's said...

Great job Brayden Boy we love you and are so proud of you. Keep up the good work, your awesome. Love u grandma and grandpa

Staceygirl said...

Cool, he's already choosing good friends! Congratulations!