Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our Star Student!!

On the week of Sept 28th we received a letter from Patterson Elem., inside was a letter from the Principal and Brayden's teacher Mrs. Morales. The Principal was sending this letter to let us know that Brayden had been chosen as "student of the quarter" for the 1st nine weeks of school. Brayden's teacher had filled out a form stating why she had chosen Brayden for this special award. This is what she wrote "Brayden is alway working hard. He is helpful to others. He puts out his best and never gives up. Brayden is reliable and responsible! It is a joy to have him in my class!" I am so proud to read this as a mother. I have been working a lot more hours these last couple months at work, that I was felt like I haven't been the most patient mother. I attended the award Ceremony on Oct 10th, I hide until Brayden received his award so he would be surprised to see me there. He was surprised to receive his award and to see me there. I got tears in my eyes as he stood up in front of his peers holding his award. I am so grateful for my son that is so helpful to me and to others around him. He is a wonderful example to his younger sister and brother.

We love you so much Brayden!!

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you.

Mommy and Brayden

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Karalee and Anthony said...

Yay Brayden!! He's such a great kid!

Flip flop Queen! said...

Way to go Brayden! We are so proud of you and Love Ya!

The Larsen's

O'Neal Family said...

That's so awesome, what a good boy! That was cute of you to surprise him, I’m positive I would have cried too. P.s. EVERY mother thinks they lack patience, don’t beat yourself up, your kids are so obviously LOVED.

Staceygirl said...

All right! Way to go! You should be proud :)