Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's Soccer Time!!

Brayden played soccer last year, so this year he has improved a lot. This year we put him in AYSO. They do things a little different then what he played last year. They play three on three, they have two games going on at once so that everyone gets to play and touch the ball a lot more. I think it is teaching him how to control the ball a little better as he dribbles down the field. Daddy is his Asst. Coach again. Matt played soccer as little boy all the way up through college. So he enjoys being a Coach.

Brayden had his1st game on September 12th, and he almost scored twice. He just had his second game on September 19, and he scored three times. He was so excited and so were we as we yelled and cheered from the side lines. Soccer is a lot of fun! We are glad that Brayden enjoys it.

Brayden 1st Game

Brynlee and Brody enjoyed watching their Big Brother play.


Mrs.EBG said...

Way to go, Brayden!! He looks so cute in his little soccer uniform!

Sarah Stephens said...

I'm sure we will play you guys soon. I love AYSO. Are you in league 1079? I didn't know Matt was a soccer player. That's neat.

O'Neal Family said...

So fun! I remember ALL the McNeil boys decked out in their soccer gear, way to go carring on the family tradition. your son is handsome.