Friday, June 25, 2010

Brynlee's Birthday Celebration

Brynlee turned 3 on May 30th!!
We had family over for dinner and cupcakes. My Sister made homemade cupcakes.
Brynlee loved them because they were Pink!!
We are so blessed to have a girl in our family, she loves make-up, dress up and anything girly.
Love you Bryn!!

Brynlee in her birthday outfit eating dinner.

Love this smile!!!

Cousin Abby eating her cupcake..Love her face

The Beautiful cupcakes that my sister made.

Abby in Brynlee Tutu skirt.

Brody enjoying his cupcake

So I completely forgot to get her a candle... so this is the only one I had. I know ghetto.

Brayden and Andrew enjoying the ice cream

Brynlee opening her presents and she loved that she got clothes. She holds them up to her to see if they look good on her. She is a girl alright!!


Dee Dee said...

So cute! And I love the candle!!

Sarah S. said...

Brynlee is such a doll. Isn't it fun being able to give them clothes for their birthday and have them think it's wonderful! My boys think that clothes are the worst present you could possibly give them. How cute that she holds them up to her. :)

O'Neal Family said...

Look at her cute face, she didn't realize her candle was ghetto! Love it.

Staceygirl said...

I never have birthday candles on hand! Ghetto's okay when you're three... as long as it's lit, you're good. I agree that it's great having girls, but they do make a lot of messes! I call mine the spreaders because they get out so many toys every day and spread them all over the house. Oh well. I love my little mommies.