Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter a little late..

This year my sister Clarissa had us all over for Easter dinner. The kids also had a fun Easter egg hunt. The adult men hid all the eggs for the kids to find. My parents always hide a golden egg with money in it for the lucky kid to find. Brayden found it this year, he was so excited.

The kids eating Easter dinner and Karalee.

Brody enjoying his drink.

Fun on the swing after dinner.

All the kids sure loved this swing!!

Hunting for eggs

Brynlee and Brody looking for eggs (with Dads help)

No one found this one yet....

The adults making sure all of the eggs were found.

Brayden and his golden egg!!!!
Thank You to Clarissa and Mark for the fun time..

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Staceygirl said...

I like that golden egg idea, but do the other kids feel gypped? And where do you get a golden egg? Do you have to paint it yourself? Nice yard... I wish ours could have been that fancy, but alas... there is a limit to our funds.