Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baseball Season has began!!

We are so lucky to have a great neighborhood, A guy in our stake decided to start a sports program for kids. He has kids of his own and knows how expensive sports can be. He started a volunteer sports program where all you have to pay for is a hat and shirt to play sports. I loved the idea and some of Brayden's friends were going to play too so it was a must for Brayden. This last Saturday was his first game. I am so surprised on how well he did. He has never played baseball before but has been practicing with the program. His Teams name is the Green Frogs. I am so thankful that Matt Peterson has took time to put this great program together. We are excited for a great season!!!

Brayden before the game

Brayden getting ready to bat..

Brayden at Bat!!

Brayden playing second base

Team Cheer!!!!


Karalee and Anthony said...

That's really neat! Brayden will have so much fun. We'll have to come cheer him on some time!!

Carranza's said...

Brayden looks so cute in his uniform and excited to play,

Crissie said...

Go Green Frogs!!! :)

keepingupwiththewootans said...

Isnt tee-ball sooo much fun? Im sure when the weather changes it will become miserable. Did u ever go to cvs? I havent herd if u liked them. Candi