Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yes.. I turned 30 this year!

I can't believe that I am out of my 20's. I spent my birthday working, I came home to balloons outside of my house in my yard and on the garage. (Thank you Jen) After work we had a girls night out planned. Dinner at Paradise Bakery and shopping to follow. Here is a picture that the employee took. It was a great night with friends. Thanks girls we need to do it again. I came home and Matt had some gift for me. I love my husband, he does a great job picking out things I like.

Friday night Matt arranged for us to have a night out alone with no kids for my birthday. We went to dinner and went to see a movie. We don't get to the movies much with three kids so it was great. I love feeling like we are dating again. I love you hun!! We did take a picture at dinner but it was with Matt's phone and I haven't had him to it on the computer yet. So picture to come

Saturday I ended my Birthday with a Big Surprise. My sister Clarissa had planned a Spa Day for me. I had a massage, facial and pedicure done. It was so relaxing and rejuvenating to be pampered. All the ladies at the Day Spa were awesome. I recommend the A New U Day Spa to all. I wish I would have remembered my Camera.

I am grateful for family and friends that helped me enjoy my 30th Birthday.
Bring on the 30's


Staceygirl said...

Looks like so much fun! I can't believe I'm almost half way through my 30's already... didn't I just have my 30th party the other day? :) Time flies. All I'm saying now, though, is pregnancy is not as easy at this point in life... I'm so ready to be done!

Melissa said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!

Loree said...

loving my 30's... i hope you do too :) sounds like a wonderful birthday:)

Teri said...

Are you sure you are 30? You look so young. Your kids are getting so old are we ready for numer four yet? When I complain about how old I am to my 80 year old Mom she always says, "you are so young." I guess it is all relative. You look great and it looks like you had a ton of fun with the girls. Love, Teri