Monday, January 11, 2010

A visit from Grandma McNeil and Mark

This New Years we spent relaxing at home. I have been so busy that all I wanted to do was relax in our cozy home. The kids were in bed before the New Year. Matt and I couldn't keep our eyes open to ring in the new year.

The second weekend in January Grandma McNeil, Uncle Mark and Aunt Kristi came to visit. We always have a lot of excitement when they come to visit. Uncle Mark turned the big 16 when we was here. We went to dinner at Red Robin for his birthday and had cake and ice cream.

My mother in law loves getting her toes done so here are the girls.


The birthday boy..Mark

Aunt Kristi

Aunt Terry




Uncle Justin and Kristi, Andrew

Mark, Scott and Kristi

Brody, Mommy and Brayden

Andrew, Brody and Mommy

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