Thursday, December 17, 2009

The weekend Together..

We celebrated our Anniversary weekend relaxing with no kids. My parents were so kind to keep our kids from Friday to Sunday. We slept in enjoyed each other's company without being interrupted. We went to a movie which we don't get to do much. We also enjoyed a delicious dinner out. We also did some shopping, and it was nice that we didn't have to hurry home to take the sitter home. Thanks Mom and Dad for watching our kids for the weekend. I am lucky to have a husband that knows how to make me feel loved.

This is what I found when I came home from work on Friday..
I loved them

This where we enjoyed are delicious dinner.. They even made my favorite dessert. Matt had made a special request just for me.

After dinner we were so full, can you tell by our happy faces.

We walked around Scottsdale and went shopping. We found a huge Christmas tree and had to take a picture.

Thanks for the wonderful night out honey! I love you so much.


Tanner and Shasta said...

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. Sleeping in together is the best. What movie did you see? Happy Anniversary

Flip flop Queen! said...

Sounds like fun!

Staceygirl said...

That picture at the top of your page is really nice! It's so great to get away from the kids for a while, isn't it? I'm glad to have family nearby to watch my kids. Just last night, we went to see the Nutcracker at Symphony Hall and didn't have to pay for our babysitter! Plus, the kids really like going to Grandma's anyway.

Sarah said...

Cute pictures of your night together! Glad you guys had a lot of fun :) I will email you my mailing address. I need yours to.

Stephanie said...

happy anniversary valerie! oh my gosh i have been needing to come see for a long time! all of your kids are getting so big i miss them soooo much!
love stephanie jones