Thursday, December 10, 2009

Homemade Gingerbread Fun

Last Sunday my sister Clarissa and her family came over for dinner. It was great. She also brought over the stuff to make gingerbread friends. My sister loves making things for the kids and they love helping her make things. Here are some pictures of the Family Fun that we had that night. I think the best part of the night is that Brynlee couldn't wait for the frosting to be made so she ate her Brynlee Gingerbread Girl. We had a great laugh.

Thanks Aunt Clarissa!!

We love you!!


Karalee and Anthony said...

Looks like fun. Sorry we missed it... Abby ended up going to bed at 6 that night. Poor girl... did I tell you she got me sick too? Yeah, it was awesome!

Flip flop Queen! said...

The cookies were yummy! Thanks for sharing.