Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When Grandpa and Grandma Come..

Last Weekend the kids were so excited to have Grandpa and Grandma here for the weekend. Brayden and Brynlee love when Grandpa comes because he always brings fun little treats for them. Brayden also knows that Grandpa loves going to the swap meet, brayden loves to go with him,this time Brynlee joined them also. They ate breakfast at the swap meet walked around and found some cool things. Brayden found some fun Hulk Hands. My kids are so lucky to have Grandparents that live so close and love to spend time with them.Brynlee was so sad when they were getting ready to leave that she threw a screaming fit because she wanted to go with them. We love you!!!

Aunt Heitje turned 18 so we celebrated her birthday while she was here.

We love her!!

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Brayden and Uncle Jeff fighting with the Hulk Hands!!!!


Kelli said...

Grandparent visits are the best! So glad you had fun! The swap meet? I love it!

Valerie...is that your fancy wrapping job on the present? Very cute.

Melissa said...

You are very lucky to have great parents! Your kids are SO cute!!