Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July Celebration!!!

This year we had a family Reunion get together with my Dad' s side of the Family. While growing up we had family gatherings often. We loved spending time with our Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. Since alot of have been married and live in different states, it is hard to have family function. We spent Sat the 4th at Presidio Park in Old Town San Diego. We enjoyed a yummy carne asada,beans,rice, salads and more. Brayden met cousin that he didn't know he even had. He loved playing and running around with them. I am so glad that we spent this day as a family. After the park we went to my cousin Rick's house to watch the fireworks!! This year we saw fireworks two nights in a roll!!

A big Thank You to my Aunt Norma for getting up early to find us a spot so that we could spend the 4th together.

Fun at the Park!!

My Brother Anthony his wife Karalee and Abby

My Parents, my youngest 4 siblings Heitje, Jeff, Hyrum and Robert

Aunt Norma,Uncle Dale and cousins Ashley and Aubrey


Carranza's said...

Great Job on Pictures of everyone Valerie. Hope to post some soon on my blog.

Sarah Stephens said...

Your family is huge. I had no idea you had so many siblings. How fun!

O'Neal Family said...

These pictures make me want a big family...