Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day at the Drive-In

Brayden's Preschool class had a day at the drive-in. They were to create a car or truck to sit in while they watch their special movie. Brayden found a box in our garage that he wanted to make his car. Brayden picked what color he wanted, green. Dad helped him put the wheels on and steering wheel on. Next, Dad painted a stripe down the side of the car. This was a neat experience as Brayden worked together with his Dad. Brayden is a McNeil so he had to have the McNeil trademark on his car, Grandpa McNeil's Truck. He had so much fun that day at school. I am glad he enjoys Preschool it will soon be over and on to the Five year old School.(that's what Brayden calls it) Brayden loves his Dad. Thank You Daddy for helping me.


Sarah said...

So cute Valerie, I love it.

Michelle Hansen said...

I bet his car was the best looking one in his class! What a cute idea!

Jessica said...

That is such a cool car! What a fun day with dad! You guys are very creative!