Monday, March 9, 2009

Broken Collar Bone Again!

Brayden broke his collar bone again a couple of weekends ago. The first time he broke it he was three years old. He loved to jump and play on Mommy and Daddy's bed. So one Sunday he was jumping so hard he fell off and on the way down hit his shoulder on the wood slats on the side of our bed. He cried and pointed to his shoulder saying that it hurt. I called one of the Doctors that I work for and he kindly met us at my Office to check him out. Yep it was broken, so he gave us a brace for him to wear. (thank goodness that I work for Pediatrians!)

This time it was mostly my fault that he broke it again, we were headed home from a fun night at Peter Pipers with some friends. Brayden jumped into my expedition with his friends. I was carrying Brynlee so I could put her into the car. I opened the car door, and as I did Brayden came falling out.(my windows are tinted pretty dark and it was dark out) So I couldn't see that he was still by the door. I felt horrible, he was screaming and crying. He said mommy you hurt me. I never intend to hurt any of my children but this time I did on accident. I cried for him, he was in alot more pain this time. I dropped my other kids and husband at a friends house and we were off to Phoneix Childrens Urgent Care. They took care of us quickly due to brayden's pain. Yes it was broken again. The doctor said, "he is not a lucky kid to brake his collar bone twice."
Thank You to Amy and Jen for your love and support. Thank you for coming along with me as I felt like a horrible mother. You guys are friends that I can't live without.

Brayden has to wear the same brace for 6-8 wk until it heals. He didn't want to go to preschool at first,but he is doing great now. Hopefully it will not happen again.

Sorry Brayden Boy.... Mommy Loves You So Much!!!


Amy Schad said...

Brayden was such a trooper that night!!! I'm sure many people can relate to your post. I know my kids could blame a thing or two on me. You are a great, loving mom!!

PB and J said...

I hope Brayden heals soon. When I closed our car door once it hit Tyler in the head! He had a huge goose egg. Poor guy.

Jessica said...

Oh how sad! Don't you hate when your kiddos get hurt and it's even worse when they think it's all your fault. Brayden is so cute! That is a long time to wear the brace. Wow!

Staceygirl said...

He is soooo big. I can't believe it! Did the first break make it easier to break it again? Poor guy!