Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Kamber!

Today, we remember our little angel Kamber. She would have been three today, but she has returned to live with our Father in Heaven. Family and Friends gathered together and went to the cementry to decorate her grave. We also released ballons with messages to her. It was such a great day, we know that she was looking down at us. I remember going to the hosptial on the day that she passed away. I arrived at the hosptial to find Ethan and his Dad there with Kamber in their arms. Ethan asked me if I would like to hold her. I said, "Yes" I ran my fingers through her hair and touched her face. I cherish the chance that I had to hold her one last time. Earlier this week, when we blessed Brody in our home, I felt her presence there. During the blessing I felt this strong burning in my heart, right at that moment I said Kamber's name to my self. I started to cry because I knew she was there to share this special day with us. I know now that she is with us always. We miss her and wish that we could hold her one last time. I know that we will be able to see her again thanks to gospel.

We Love You Kamber!!

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{the hatch family} said...

That is very sweet!

And Happy Birthday to you Miss Valerie!